The gauge management software QMSOFT®

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Information sheets about L&W GmbH and QMSOFT®

Here you can find additional information sources s PDF-documents, which you can open with the free-of-charge-tool Adobe Acrobat Reader (if you need it, please download it from the Adobe-website):

L&W GmbH

pdfBrochure L&W GmbH (German language only)

pdfAppendix of DAkkS accrededation certificate D-K-17059-01-00

pdfAppendix of DAkkS accrededation certificate D-K-17059-02-00


pdfBrochure QMSOFT®

pdfQMSOFT® database technology

pdfMahr length measuring devices and QMSOFT® (German language only)

pdfQMSOFT® software manufacturer certificat (German)

pdfQMSOFT® hardware requirements

pdfQMSOFT®-references (sorry: available only in German language)