The gauge management software QMSOFT®

Download - QMSOFT®

Important hint for all QMSOFT®-customers!

New QMSOFT® versions or QMSOFT® updates inside of a release are needing changes of the database structure, which cannot be undone without a restore process!

  • Please backup all your data BEFORE installing something!
  • Install QMSOFT® updates only, if you are sure, that you want to use the update on ALL QMSOFT® workplaces in the network, and if you are also sure that you have a valid licence for Version 6!

Please use the highest release, which is available for the code-version of your licence data (see licence sheet). Updates to higher code-versions are not free of charge and need a refresh of the licence codes! Contact the L&W GmbH or your local dealer, if you are not sure about your licence situation.

QMSOFT® - actual version

Here you can find the content of the actual QMSOFT®-CD-ROM as ZIP-file. After downloading the files please extract the file contents into an empty folder, from where you can start the installation process. The software can run in a demonstration mode, if the copy-protection (CodeMeter-dongle with valid licence data) was not found.

Required: CodeMeter-dongle with licences for QMSOFT® Version 7

zipQMSOFT® Release 8 - Setup.exe

zipQMSOFT® Release 8 - zip-file with all drivers

zipChange-Log-file (a file in text-format with information about all of the changes)

Other stuff (driver for copy protection hardware)

Here you can find hardware-driver, which could be needed in relation with QMSOFT®. Because the manufacturers of this driver software do not inform us about newer releases of their driver software, please visit also their web-sites to get the most actual driver releases.

Driver for CodeMeter-stick (manufacturer: WIBU-SYSTEMS AG)

zipCodeMeter Runtime for Windows