The gauge management software QMSOFT®

Calculate tolerances - Calibrate gauges - Record results - Manage gauge stock

The systematic inspection of all measuring tools and gauges in your company is essential for your quality assurance system. This is also one of the fundamental requirements of an ISO 9000 .. certified system. This means for your company:

  • The gauge stock including all related information about stock-taking, gauge locations and calibration records has to be managed.
  • The use of gauges has to be controlled and the adherence to recalibration periods must be guaranteed.
  • The calibration process has to be carried out in a correct, repeatable and provable way.

This will produce constantly growing mountains of paper, tedious routine work and constant struggle with many standards. But we have the solution to escape from this trouble:

 QMSOFT® (Quality Management Software)

QMSOFT® combines our practical experience in gauge inspection with the advantages of state-of-the-art computer technology. Furthermore, it is a powerful tool for managing all gauge data and checking measuring tools, all via one uniform user interface. A demo-version of the software is available on CD-ROM, news and informations about actual developings you can find in the QMSOFT®-Support-Blog. If you need an Internet access to gauge stock databases wie can offer the services QMSOFT®-Web and QMSOFT®-Online to bring all of the features of the QMSOFT® modules into a browser window. This hosting service can save money, because QMSOFT® updates, database backups, hardware services etc. are no longer a task of the IT-dpartement of the end-customer (please ask for login data for a demonstration account)!


The new QMSOFT® gauge management system release meets the growing requirements of our customers and keeps pace with the current developments of operating systems because we are constantly developing the existing software systems in order to offer you system stability, user-friendliness, interface flexibility and security.

  • Gauge management and gauge inspection are integrated in the system with equal importance
  • Specially developed modules make possible the calibration of all common gauges using any
    national, international, or user defined standard. It is not therefore necessary to define an inspection procedure for each gauge type
  • Extensive support for directly connected measuring devices (list enclosed)
  • All normal sizes and tolerances for gauges are calculated by the program system
  • Inspection certificates may be customized for individual presentation
  • QMSOFT® uses a variety of special modules to provide you with optimal support for inspecting various kinds of measuring tools and gauges. Each of these modules allows you to effectively carry out and record a complete inspection. Thus you are able to built a system according to your individual wishes.

A QMSOFT® trial version of our software is available on CD-ROM and can therefore freely be passed on and copied. As usual, the software is protected by dongles (manufacturer:WIBU SYSTEMS AG) and the unlocking of licensed programs.

QMSOFT® is a registered trade mark of L&W GmbH.